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Holistic personal and business coaching


  • Create a work-life balance to suit your goals, aspirations and lifestyle
  • Ensure maximum progress with what’s most important to you
  • Develop effective habits of thinking, being and doing
  • Work with somatic and nervous-system patterns in your body

Your work

  • Improve your own performance and that of your business
  • Increase revenue and profitability
  • Increase awareness of key business issues and test assumptions
  • Improve business systems and automation
  • Overcome blind spots
  • Keep focused on key priorities

Your team

  • Create a clear mission for your business that motivates your team
  • Empower your team with responsibility for decision-making at the appropriate level
  • Encourage self-managing teams
  • Remove managerial bottlenecks
  • Free up your time for more strategic work



Holistic personal and business coaching considers all aspects of your being – your mind, body and consciousness, to ensure that change is fast, effective and long-lasting.

“I’ve found our sessions to be very insightful in both the professional and personal realm.

The self-awareness that I’ve developed from the coaching has been invaluable.

James is intelligent, kind and easy to talk to. He poses thoughtful questions that encourage the development of new perspectives, which has helped me to come up with innovative solutions to some challenges I’ve been facing.”


A clear path to success

Clear Thinking and Planning

Coaching provides a space where you can gain insight and awareness of the key issues in your life and work, so you can think and plan clearly in line with your objectives.

Find Creative Solutions

By taking time out of your normal routines and distractions, coaching allows you to see things in new ways and facilitates creativity and fruitful brainstorming for new ideas.

Professional Support

Get professional facilitated support to help you through the changes you want to make in your work and life.

Don’t leave your psychology up to chance!

Accelerate Learning

Coaching can help speed up your learning, whether that be in terms of a new role, additional responsibilities, or even new psychological perspectives and attitudes.

Structure Accountability

Coaching can help you gain clarity about what is important to you, help you decide what to commit to, and then structure accountability so you can make progress as fast as possible.

Overcome Obstacles

Coaching can help you overcome obstacles as you move towards your goals – both external challenges in the world, and internal challenges of patterns of thinking and reacting.

Holistic personal & business coaching

“James is positive, supportive, trusting, goal-oriented, observant, patient and perhaps the best listener I’ve always met. I absolutely recommend One Unlimited’s services.”


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