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At One Unlimited, we use conscious coaching techniques to increase awareness and insight around what's most important to you and your work.


Increasing awareness enables situations to be seen in new ways, allowing for change to happen naturally and permanently.


Our coaching facilitates increased creativity, performance and confidence.


We can help you work through the challenges you face, and help initiate positive change - both internal and external.


We work in-person in Lisbon, Portugal, and online around the world.

"I’ve found our sessions to be very insightful in both the professional and personal realm"

Jennifer W

Senior VP, Scotiabank

"The self-awareness that I’ve developed from the coaching has been invaluable.

James is intelligent, kind and easy to talk to. He poses thoughtful questions that encourage the development of new perspectives, which has helped me to come up with innovative solutions to some challenges I’ve been facing.”

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 Get the most our of yourself, your work and your team 




  Create a work-life balance to suit your goals, aspirations and lifestyle


  Ensure maximum progress with what’s most important to you


  Develop effective habits of thinking and doing


  Facilitate change on a physical level with somatic coaching


▬  Keep focused on key priorities


Your Team


  Create a clear mission for your business that motivates your team


  Empower your team with responsibility to get improved performance and engagement


  Remove managerial bottlenecks and free up your time for more strategic work

Your Work


▬  Improve your own performance and that of your business


▬  Increase revenue, profitability and employee engagement


▬  Increase awareness of key business issues and test assumptions


▬  Improve business systems and automation


▬  Overcome blind spots


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Coaching - 2023 Statistics




Avereage ROI of coaching


(Institute of Coaching)





99% of those coached were “satisfied or very satisfied” and 96% said “they’d repeat the process.”


(IPEC Coaching Institute)



of all Fortune 500 companies utilise executive coaching


(IPEC Coaching Institute)



of people who received coaching increased self-confidence


(Institute of Coaching)



average productivity increase from coaching


(IPEC Coaching Institute)

Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation

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At One Unlimited, we support you in maximising your own potential, and that of your work and your team.


We adopt a conscious approach to coaching, assisting you in implementing the changes you want to see effectively and sustainably.

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