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Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching (or Performance Coaching) supports you in increasing your level of personal performance within your business or work situation, so you can have more impact and success.

Leadership Coaching


Leadership Coaching supports you in building, developing, and managing your team of people to keep them motivated and performing at a high level. This can help free up your own time.




Somatic Coaching works with your body, physical feelings and reactions. This allows you to choose how you may prefer to respond more consciously.


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Take time out to think clearly and creatively about what's most important 


Taking time out to stop and reflect can be one of the hardest things to do. Our coaching sessions are designed to create a focused, powerful space where the coach is fully-focused on you and making it as easy as possible for you to evaluate and see things clearly, to get new ideas, and to make clear plans to move forward.


The process of coaching can help you gain clarity around what you’re trying to achieve, help speed up your progress, and support you in overcoming obstacles along the way.


Our coaching can help you to thrive professionally in your own work and when leading a team.


Get expert, professional help, dedicated to your success.

Get the support you need to make progress with what's most important to you

Clear Thinking and Planning


Coaching provides a space where you can gain insight and awareness of the key issues in your life and work, so you can think and plan clearly in line with your objectives.

Creative Solutions


By taking time out of your normal routines and distractions, coaching allows you to see things in new ways and facilitates creativity and fruitful brainstorming for new ideas.

Professional Support


Get professional help to support you through the changes you want to make. Apply the latest research and scientific understanding. Don’t leave your psychology up to chance!

Accelerate Learning


Coaching can help speed up your learning, whether that be in terms of a new role, additional responsibilities, or even new psychological perspectives and attitudes.

Structure Accountability


Coaching can help you gain clarity about what is important to you, help you decide what to commit to, and then structure accountability so you can make progress as fast as possible.

Overcome Obstacles


Coaching can help you overcome obstacles as you move towards your goals – both external challenges in the world, and internal challenges of patterns of thinking and reacting.

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Book and attend the introductory meeting with your coach


Meet online with your potential coach to discuss your situation in more detail.


If appropriate, you'll be able to agree on a potential strategy for coaching and you'll get a full quote based on your individual situation (frequency, length, location etc)


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Start regular coaching sessions


Once you've agreed on an approach to your coaching sessions you'll be able to begin.


We recommend trying to schedule a regular time for your coaching sessions at your agreed frequency.


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At One Unlimited, we support you in maximising your own potential, and that of your work and your team.


We adopt a conscious approach to coaching, assisting you in implementing the changes you want to see effectively and sustainably.

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