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One Unlimited offers conscious executive and leadership coaching focused on helping you achieve the success you're looking for and and reaching the goals you've set for yourself.


Our mission is to help you be more unlimited in your work and your life, so you can have more of the life you want and be able to have more of a positive impact in the world.


We take a conscious approach to coaching, acknowledging all aspects of you - your thoughts and patterns of thinking as well as your emotional and physical reactions and patterns.


This makes changing from habitual reactions to consciously-chosen responses faster and more effective as all aspects you are aligned.


We also pay attention to awareness itself - to the mechanism through which you experience the world - to enhance your overall experience and heighten your access to useful insight.


We believe in empowering people with awareness and responsibility to encourage peak performance, flow and increased fulfilment.

About James



One Unlimited was created by James Lumley-Savile to provide conscious executive and leadership coaching services.


James has a Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh and is certified with the International Coaching Federation.


James has a range of business experience working in both start-ups as well as established corporations such as Google.


As a coach, James has supported leaders and team-members in small- and medium-sized business, as well as in corporations.


James has studied yoga, meditation and mindfulness for many years which helps him to create coaching sessions that are powerful and insightful and help to facilitate change effectively and fast.

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Our Core Values and Approach



We believe change should be a conscious decision, and not left to chance.



Increasing awareness is the key to long-lasting and effective change.



We believe the mind and body are intrinsically connected so that thoughts can affect how the body functions and stress can affect how the mind functions.



We believe in finding win-win solutions that benefit ourselves and others



Motivating people through shared objectives they can believe in, rather than relying on old-fashioned “carrot and stick" techniques



We believe in empowering employees with awareness and responsibility for maximum motivation, engagement and value to the business



We believe that we all have a duty to uplift people and to look after the planet, as well as to make a profit.



We incorporate psychology, neuroscience, and somatic work to ensure change is aligned on all levels.



Personal development is good for organisational development.

Organisational culture can affect all aspects of how an organisation operates.

Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation

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At One Unlimited, we support you in maximising your own potential, and that of your work and your team.


We adopt a conscious approach to coaching, assisting you in implementing the changes you want to see effectively and sustainably.

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